Monday, January 17, 2011

The GSDM portal is now open for registration

Gujarat Skill development Mission proudly announces the launch of its ambitious portal

This portal has been developed in such a way that in due course of time data of each and every institute, course and candidate of Gujarat would get captured automatically. The portal is offering excellent job-portal features to all the candidates of the institutes that register with the portal. Not only that the portal will also offer on-line directory facility to all those who do not get formal or informal jobs. The registration is free of cost and online. Any institute of Gujarat involved in training business can register and enjoy the excellent features irrespective of type or duration of the course or the ownership of the institute. The portal also offers a facility where any one from any part of the state can put up a request for Skill Voucher, a scheme that will be launched soon. The portal also allows any person to register and then communicate with the candidates and institutes for hiring them.

The web-portal is backed by Government of Gujarat through Gujarat Skill Development Mission. The mission , which is headed by Ho’ble CM himself, is an apex body regarding skill development in the state in mission mode. The convener of GSDM is ACS, Lab and Employment department of Gujarat. Apart from other things it aims at acting as true facilitator and creating a system that brings all the players at same platform and allow the market forces to bring best out the system. The development of portal is a step in that direction.

The portal is now open for registration. All kinds of registration whether as institute or employer or counselor or recommender is free of cost and online.

Looking at the potential of the two initiatives National Skill Development Corporation has signed an MoU with the mission and would like to show case the model to the entire country after it is successfully implemented in Gujarat.

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