Friday, August 26, 2011

Notice regd: Employment status and skill voucher status

Dear Registered Institutes

It is being noted that institutes have uploaded the list of the candidates but are not updating the employment status. Kindly note to improve your employability index you need to update the employment status of the candidates. If there is single employment letter / offer letter for more than one candidate then also you can upload the document and link it against different candidates.
The feature to upload the employment letter and link it with the candidates is fully working and you may do it for your candidates.

At the same time it is also important that you get your skill voucher status changed to "Eligible for Skill Voucher". Kindly go through to understand the process.
This has become important as now Urban Development department and Tribal Development Department are in advanced stage of issuing Skill Voucher. Unless the institute gets the eligibility status changed to "Issue and Take skill voucher" it will not be able to make use of skill voucher even if it is otherwise eligible for skill voucher. To kindly avoid last minute rush kindly get your skill voucher status changed suitably.

Further kindly note that since the earlier method of sending mail directly is not working because few domains are declaring it as spam hence it is now essential that institutes must subscribe to the group mail to receive the notifications. You are requested to kindly intimate this to your fellow institutes. 


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