Saturday, September 10, 2011

Notice regd changing status for skill voucher

This is inform all that GSDM is  in very advanced stages of talks with Tribal development department and Urban Development Department (and few other departments) and there is every liklihood that in all around 20000 skill vouchers of value between Rs 2500 to Rs 5000 would be issued this financial year which would be available to all the elligible institutes:
Kindly note following type of institutes are elligible
1.     Institutes recognised or empaneled  by  Government of Gujarat department / body /GCVT/  NCVT :  To make it more clear : Institutes recognised by GKS, UMEED, DRDA, RSETI, RUDSETI, Tribal department, CED, NSDC etc. Separate affiliation with GCVT or NCVT is not needed.
2.      Institutes recognised by or running projects of Central Government or any department of Government of Gujarat
But just being eligible is not enough the institute need to complete certain formalities to get proper skill voucher status on the portal. The process is simple but mandatory.
Once these departments decide and publicise the scheme it is possible that you may miss the bus becuase of shortage of time. Accordingly it is highly advised that if you are interested in taking benefit of the skill vouchers the first thing that you must do is get the proper skill voucher status for the institute.
The details are in FAQ at following link but for convienence it is reproduced below.
First kindly register with the portal.
1.     Upload and update the list of candidates trained by you in last one year.
2.     Get an account with Axis bank (The list of banks will be expanded lateron. But presently the payments will be made only through AXIS banks hence it is a mandatory provision)
3.     Login on the portal and request for the desired skill voucher status after uploading the required documents. This can be done by editing your institutes profile on the protal.
4.     In addition to this Download the format of application from portal 
5.     Then approach to GSDM (Floor1, Block 16, Udyaog Bhavan, Gandhinagar) with relevant documents ie proof of account and empanelment.
6.     A letter / certificate from the em-paneling or registering department will also act as proof of empanelment.
7.     Combined application from the em-paneling agency will also be accepted provided all the above mentioned conditions are met for each institute.
Kindly treat this as important.

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