Thursday, January 12, 2012

Steps to upload the data

Dear All

Kindly note that just by registering you do not get any benefit of the portal, you need to upload the data as explained below to get some real benefit out of the portal.
The data uploading is very simple and involves just following simple steps:
  1. Downlaod from the link.
  2. Go through the help page in the excel file. It explains the process in detail. The help is both in english and Gujarati. 
  3. Basically you have to enter details in just two sheets. In the "Institute_course_list" sheet , enter the list of courses that you are offering in your institute / college. In the "Candidate_list" page enter the list of candidates for each course.
  4. Once the sheet is ready then login with your institute id from the home page on  . You will be automatically taken to the home page of the institutes module. Click on       6 : Bulk Upload of Course & Candidate List (Combined) and upload the sheet through the page that opens subsequently.
  5. The data will be automatically added to the relevant tables and will be visible on the home page immediately. Kindly note that if you want your candidates to be added to online directory then kindly provide the mobile numbers against the candidates. They will be automatically added to online directory. 
  6. In case of any problem / query kindly contact the help desk 
Also, kindly note that susequently you also need to update the "training status" and "Employment status" promptly as and when it changes. If the training status the candidate is not updated to "Trained and test passed" then he will not receive job notification.Further if you do not update the employment status of the candidates regularly then the employability index of your institute will not improve and hence may lower your ranking compared to others who are updating it regularly. Kindly note you can change the employment status even if the candidate is placed by means other than this job portal. The updation of employment status is also very easy. You have to just upload a scanned copy of the employment letter and link it to the candidate. Kindly note a common employment letter can be linked to more than one candidate also.
You may also note that it is ultimately your employability index that will bring more candidates to your institute with or without skill voucher so you will have to take every step to keep it as high as possible.
The portal has got many useful features which may not be apparent at the first sight like job-portal and on-line directory facilities. So you are requested to go through FAQ in detail. It will help you to understand the concept and you will be able to get the maximum benefit of the portal. Further, the more the popularity of the portal the more employers will register and hence more the employment chances of your candidates. So you may actually help  yourself by publicizing the portal !!!


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